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Walnut (Latin júglans régia; English Walnut), less common names - volos walnut, king walnut, walnut. The oldest culture, whose homeland is not Greece, judging by the name, but Central Asia. The main habitats in Europe are France, Ukraine and Moldova.
The walnut kernel contains 45-77% fat, 8-21% protein, vitamin B1, provitamin A, has a very high nutritional value, which allows it to be used both for medical purposes and in cooking.
The shelf life of whole nuts is no more than a year, peeled nuts are no more than six months, subject to storage conditions. All our walnuts are grown and processed in Ukraine. Complies with GOST and UNECE DDP-02. Ecologicaly clean. Has a pleasant, not bitter taste. The moisture content in the walnut in the shell is up to 8-9%, in the kernel of the walnut 5.5-6%. All products are thoroughly dried and cleaned of foreign objects, free of insects and pests.

and pests.
Unshelled walnut, dried,
thin peel
Calibre: 28mm +, 30mm +, 32mm + and above
Total core yield: 40-42%
Kernel yield by colors: 50-60% - light,
30% - beige, 10-20% amber
Walnut kernel ½
Fraction: Half or "butterfly" Color: light, beige, amber Allowable composition: 90% half "butterfly", and
up to 10% - ¼ Quarter
Walnut kernel ¼
Faction: Quarter
Color: light, beige, amber
Allowable composition: 90% ¼ Fourth and
up to 10% - 1/8 Eight
Also on individual request
is possible
• mix walnut kernels in various percentages of fractions and classes.
•recalibration of the "amber mix" core into separate fractions 1/2 and 1/4 in one shipment;
•Adding tags to the boxes and to the European mesh bag.
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Retail buyers
If your order does not exceed 1-9 tons, we will try to offer you delivery by a joint shipment, together with another customer, so that the cost of delivery was optimal for you.
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Our company is open to consideration of individual conditions of work for distributor companies, import-export sales agents and other partners.