The leader of the harvesting, processing and exporting of walnut
in the Poltava region of Ukraine
About us
Since 2011, the UkrainianNuts group of companies has been collecting, processing and exporting walnuts to many countries around the world. Our production facilities are located in the central agrarian region of Ukraine - Poltava region. UkrainianNuts group of companies is among of the five largest walnut exporters in Ukraine.
Why us?
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The unique composition of the soil and the climate contribute to the cultivation of the most delicious walnuts in the world! The absence of large factories in our region allows our products to pass the most stringent environmental tests, which is confirmed by the European quality certificates which we obtained.
Retail buyers
If you are a local processor and your requests do not exceed 1-7 tons. We have created for you a unique service of groupage cargoes, which allows, without delving into the intricacies of international trade, to obtain Ukrainian nuts from our regional partner in your country
Regional partners
We open new business opportunities for companies in any country operating in the agricultural sector. We offer additional income from working with local small wholesalers and developing your business through a new business line - selling walnuts from Ukraine