Service Description
The group of companies Ukrainian Nuts provides a full range of services for the export supply of walnuts and black elderberries to any country in the world. Delivery is carried out on all terms according to Incoterms (EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB, CFR, CIF, DAT, DAP, CPT, CIP), except for DDP.

Each batch is certified and meets international standards.
We organize logistics from our own production to the buyer's warehouse to almost any country in the world.
Wholesale buyers
Customers of walnuts we recommend to make orders from 20 tons, because the cost of certification and delivery of the party is fixed and when ordering smaller quantities will greatly increase the total amount of products.
Retail buyers
If your order does not exceed 1-9 tons, we will try to offer you delivery by a joint shipment, together with another customer, so that the cost of delivery was optimal for you.
Regional partners
Our company is open to consideration of individual conditions of work for distributor companies, import-export sales agents and other partners.
How does this happen
Step 1
We agree on the specification and cost of the goods delivered
If the Buyer was not a Client of the company before, we send samples to get acquainted with the quality of the products.
Step 3
We conclude an agreement and the client makes an advance payment, according to the terms of the contract.
Step 4
Products shipment
a) a whole Inshell nut is shipped on the 3rd day after receiving the advance payment
b) the peeled nut is shipped on the 5-7th day from the moment of receiving the advance payment
At the request of the buyer, the presence of his representative is possible not only during the shipment of goods, but also during production in the workshop, with the possibility of staying at the hotel for the duration of production.
Step 5
We deliver the ordered batch to customs with our escort and load the cargo. After customs clearance, we send copies of supporting documents to the Client.
Step 6
The client makes a full payment for the goods and sends the SWIFT payment code and then we transfer all the original documents and certificates to the driver.
Step 7
The goods are sent to the buyer.
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