About company
Our company specializes in harvesting, processing and exporting of walnuts and black elderberries. We work in the B2B segment and our goal is to supply fresh, ecologically pure Ukrainian products to other countries around the world, providing the best quality products and impeccable image of the manufacturer of Ukraine.
Our country is in the top ten countries-exporters of walnuts and takes 4th place in exports of walnut kernels. For over 12 years our company logs, processes and exports walnuts to over 20 countries.
Our production capacity
8300 ton/year
Crude Walnut
3360 ton/year
Walnut kernel
1200 ton/year
Frozen elderberries
1780 ton/year
Frozen elderberries
Ukrainian Nuts Group puts the interests of its customers above all, that is why we:
- We buy the highest quality raw materials from ecologically clean regions of Ukraine.
- We adhere to standards at each stage of processing and sorting, using modern equipment and acquired experience.
- Our experts test and conduct market analysis on the price and quality of goods, both in Ukraine and in foreign markets, based on international standards.

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